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My Games

I have made a lot of games and projects and games since I started programming. and I still continue to do it! I'm sure there is something below that will interest you :D

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Avaxblobs NFT Game

This game is my first "real" large-scale corporate job. I made the multiplayer system and game mechanics in this game. This game was made with the toonlands team.

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Toonlands Metaverse

This metaverse project is one of the big projects I did. I did a lot of complex systems in this project, but to put it simply, I did the multiplayer system and the 3D mechanics. This metaverse was a team effort.

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Sky Bros

I made this game because I was bored. It took me about 2-3 days to make this game. I did all the design and mechanics of this game. Also this is my first game published on crazygames. You can buy the codes for this game on CodeCanyon.

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Hyper Squares

This is a game I made in 2 hours to sell the source code. The game has very simple graphics and mechanics. If you want to play or buy it, you can get it from codecanyon.

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Merge Guns

This game is one of the games I made to sell the source code. I made the game in about 5-6 hours. It's a basic assembly game. It is available on codecanyon if you want to buy it.

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Idle Gifts

This game is an idle game that I made in about 1 day to sell the source code. The game is a basic idle game. If you want to play or buy it, you can get it from codecanyon.

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Gun Wars

This is a game I'm surprised I was able to make. Because I made this game with a game engine that doesn't fully support 3d. The game is a simple counter-strike clone but I think it's a good game because I made a 2D game engine. If you want to play it or buy the source code this game is available on itch.io.

blob game

Car Parking 3D

Car Parking 3D is a 3D car parking game made with Construct 3 game engine. Each level of the game is different from each other and you can pass by parking the car in the green zone. By passing the levels in the game you earn money and with this money you can buy new cars. The game can be played on mobile, pc and gamepad. The game supports admob ads.

And more..

There are many projects that I stopped developing, canceled, am still developing or I can't add them here. Unfortunately I can't add them all here.

Who am i?

This is a question I ask myself too :D Imagine I'm writing a very long biography here* If you want to read it, I have a really long biography on my linkedin page, you can read it there.

What i can do?

Actually, there is a very long answer to this question, but I can briefly say the following: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, TypeScript, Nodejs, PHP, ReactJS, NextJS, VueJS, NuxtJS DiscordJS, ExpressJS, Colyseus, SocketIO, Websocket Construct 3, Playcanvas, Photon Engine, Google Firebase, MongoDB, Lua and more..

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